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Your daily protein

We have chosen Body Meal drink in our juicekure for the simple reason that it is the best dietary supplement (protein) on the market.

Body Meal fits perfectly into the Unplugged Juice environment and the balance between the body’s important organs – in one meal.

BODY MEAL is a simple and unique meal.

It’s easy to bring, can be cooked quickly and you can be active right after the ingestion.

There is a letter / meal for each day in all our Juice Cures, you can also buy Body Meal Separated, a package containing 6 letters / meals

1 pack 6 pieces Body Meal DKK 198.00 BUY HERE

4 packs 24pcs Body Meal kr. 792,00

The mixture is developed on the basis of several generations of knowledge and observation of the diet’s influence on the body.

BODY MEAL TM  is a combination of:

Triple vegan protein

økologisk hamp (interdum cannabis) (fra stænglen – indeholder ikke euforiserende stoffer)
ris (oryza sativa)
ært (interdum cicer)

Du får en perfekt proteinblanding af økologisk hamp, ris og ært – en optimal profil af aminosyrer, som hurtigt frigives til kroppen.

Green Superfoods

hvedegræs (triticum herba)
byggræs (hordeo herba)
brændenælde (urticae folia)
grønkål (kale)

Frystetørret saft fra økologiske ingredienser – de bedste og sundeste græssorter sammen med blå-grønne alger.

Vitaminer og mineraler

vitamin D – vitamin C – Folsyre – B6
calcium – selen – kalium

Vitamin D and important B vitamins as well as the minerals calcium, selenium and potassium – necessary supplements that further enhance the effect of the meal.

herbal substances

Arctic Fox (Graecum ) Arctic Fox (Equisetum Arvense, L)

The combination  increases the body’s natural balance. The effect and results are enhanced the longer the BODY MEAL TM is consumed.

The products are composed as in nature, where vitamins, minerals and protein support each other so that they are better absorbed in our digestive system.


How to do:
Mix with stirring powder in 250-350 ml water or juice until desired consistency.

The whole meal is easily consumed.

BODY MEAL TM  is effective at all times of the day and is most recommended as a first meal in the morning and during the day with low blood sugar or on an empty stomach.

Add an oil to the drink, such as this  flaxseed oil .

Recommended for:
BODY MEAL TM  is for both women and men, young and old, athletes, businessmen, etc.

Developed by:
Bengt Valentino Andersen (born 1965) founder of the third generation of Body SDS Denmark in collaboration with GoOrganic A / S.

Throughout her career, Bengt Valentino Andersen has been trying to live from many different types of dietary compositions, cure, aids, etc. It has given him extensive experience in how food affects the body. For a 6 year period, Bengt has collaborated with Winnie Cloos Mølsgaard, founder of GoOrganic A / S, developing the product BODY MEAL TM .

Nutritional content per 2 portion (56 g) and percentage of Reference Input (RI):

Vitamin D 5 μg 100%
Vitamin B6 1.8 mg 130%
folic acid 300 μg 150%
Vitamin A 800 μg 100%
calcium 800 mg 100%
selenium 80 μg 145%
potassium 1000mg 50%
Vitamin E 24 mg  200%
magnesium 300 mg  80%

Nutritional value per packs (28 g)

Energy 455 kJ / 105 kCal

including saturated fatty acids

1.5 g

0.15 g


of which sugars

2.5 g

0.19 g

dietary Fiber 1.5 g
protein 18 g
Salt 0.13 g


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